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Revenue Remedy

Course Material, Graphic Design, Presentation Design

There are great projects, and then there are projects that you leap out of bed for! Entrepreneur extraordinaire Lisé Kuecker's Revenue Remedy is one of those special projects.

You can just tell how much fun we had building the fitness-focused webinar slides and workbooks, and the awesome infographic-style sales page.

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job card

job card

Revenue Remedy is a sister course to Lise's highly successful The Client Cure. We needed to create a high energy look that would appeal to female fitness studio owners, while keeping the family resemblance to The Client Cure.

We used the same fonts from TCC, because the audience says they love them. We brought in a golden yellow alongside the original teal, and combined it with playful icons to create a fun, energetic look that puts the content first. 

Gorgeous stock photography of fit, healthy & diverse women topped off the look.

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People went crazy for the infographic marketing page — the course sold out in under a week.

Lisé's expertise + some good looking slides & workbooks = hordes of raving fans.

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