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Ever fancied having your own personal graphic designer?


"Retainers" doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? Maybe we should have called it Client Concierge, because that’s basically what it is.


Here’s why retainers are kind of a big deal...


Lower Cost

Save between 5% and 13% on our hourly rate.

Secure Rate

Keep your rate even if our prices increase.

Priority Turnaround

Your project is first on our to-do list every day.


Team Integration

We work directly with your existing team.

Weekly updates

Know exactly what we're working on and how many hours we've used.

30 Minute meetings

A monthly meeting to discuss where you're at and how we can help you.


What are the options?

Rates valid as of July 2018, subject to change without notice.

Rates valid as of July 2018, subject to change without notice.


Is a retainer right for your business?

A retainer is ideal when you're starting something new, and you know you'll need to have things designed for your business, but you're not 100% sure what these are yet. A retainer allows you to make decisions within a set allowance, keeping things lean and clean.

If you have an established business, a retainer can help you budget and plan ahead by taking the guesswork out of design costs. Having an "in-house" designer also gives you peace of mind, because you'll know that everything is on-brand and created to grow your impact (and profits).

How do retainers work?

With Client Retainers, you buy a block of time from us to secure our services for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. Retainers start at 5 hours, and can go as high as 15 hours a month.

Projects 'rates' are calculated in hour-blocks, so you can budget what to do with your month's hours, and you'll receive a weekly update on time used, and time remaining.

We're also happy to work as part of your team. With Team Integration, we can attend regular meetings and collaborate with others on a daily basis.



To ensure the very best experience we only take on a limited number of retainer clients.
Contact us to find out if we have any spots available.