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Retirement Answer Man

Graphic Design

Roger Whitney is unlike any financial advisor you'll ever meet. Funny, insightful and smart as heck. His podcast isn't bad either.

He's one of our favorite clients, and for good reason.

job card

job card

After years in the industry, Roger started his own company in 2016. Famous for his unique approach to retirement planning, he needed a personal brand that was informal, confident and entirely him.

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Using the R lapel pin from his podcast avatar, we created a look that's elegant, bold and playful—just like Roger!

We incorporated the brand in Roger's client handouts, turning his table- and numbers-heavy content into usable, readable and printable pages that clients love to work with.

It's an open secret that Roger loves to send notes. So we designed a set of stationary (on Luxe by Moo) that feels as good as it looks. 

Using the RAM podcast branding for inspiration, we also created a logo and easy-to-follow look for his proprietary Agile Retirement Management program.

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