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JH Food Help

Graphic Design, Website Design

We collaborated with multiple local nonprofits to create JH Food Help, a bilingual resource for fighting food insecurity in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is 100% funded by donations.

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job card

Although 10 Jackson nonprofit groups had food programs serving the community, it was difficult for new residents and non-native speakers to access this information. 

Monkey Dog Design was brought on to create a format that would make this crucial resource easy to access both visually and in writing.

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We started with a simplified map of the town of Jackson, clearly indicating the location of each participating nonprofit by assigning it a number. The map is legible on any device, ensuring usability.

Each location's name, physical address, contact details and program was then laid out in a single paragraph and listed by number. This structure provides key information quickly and accurately in English and Spanish.

The website is supported by advertising in free local buses. The map and list are also available from every location, and print perfectly on home printers.

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