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Hole Food Rescue

Graphic Design, Presentation Design, Website Design

Our partnership with Jackson Hole nonprofit Hole Food Rescue is the kind every designer dreams of. We get to flex our creative muscles on everything from bin stickers to massive banners, knowing we're helping a tireless team feed the hungry in their community while raising awareness of food waste. 

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job card

job card

Our partnership with Jackson, Wyoming-based nonprofit Hole Food Rescue started back in 2014.

We needed to refine their new logo and create a brand identity that was different from the usual wildlife-inspired in their mountain town.

The team at HFR rescues and redistributes edible food to the hungry, using bicycles and trailers, so the first thing we did after the logo was to create an iconic graphic showing this process (see below). 

Then we redesigned their website, using Squarespace so they could keep costs down by maintaining it themselves.

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Hole Food Rescue makes the world a much better place by feeding the hungry and decreasing food waste. We try our hardest to make them look good in the process.  

In three years, HFR has gone from a small operation with 5 recipient organizations, to an area favorite diverting over 230,000 tons of food away from landfills in 2016. The recipients of that food are  seniors, youth, single parents, kindergartners and low income families. 

During that time, we've created a lively visual language for their brand that's engaging, fresh and instantly recognizable. 

We put our heart into everything we do, whether it's a brochure wooing sustaining members, flyers  fighting food waste or certificates acknowledging a donor's commitment to feed people first.

We're humbled to know that the Monkey Dog designed t-shirts are worn proudly around town by fans and that Wyoming tough guys sport our Eat Love Rescue stickers on their trucks. 

What we do for HFR allows HFR more time to do good. Instead of trying to track down someone to create a poster, or a brochure, design a website, think up t-shirt ideas, design an annual report, stickers, magnets, or a website, the good people at HFR can use their time in more fruitful ways.

More time to support vulnerable community members through food donations. More time to pick up food that's in the 'discard' section of local grocery stores. More time to educate and lead community members. More time to end food waste. More time to wipe out hunger. 

"Working with MDD has been revolutionary for our small nonprofit's marketing and PR merit. Ina & Laura are a true pleasure to work with."

"Working with MDD has been revolutionary for our small nonprofit's marketing and PR merit. Ina & Laura are a true pleasure to work with."

Alison Dunford, Director HFR