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Top of Mind Cards

All-in-one stay in touch toolkit


Top of Mind Tool Kit

Stay top of mind with a touch of class—and barely lift a finger.

Welcome clients, celebrate wins and express your gratitude for the whole year (and send some cool gifts). Get your all-inclusive client gratitude box today.



Send Some Cheer and Celebrate every season with Friends, Clients & Coworkers


25x folding greeting cards & envelopes
25x return address labels & Forever USPS stamps
2 social media banners (1 designs, for 2 platforms)
25 Logo stickers



Everything you need to stay top of mind all year round.


50 folding greeting cards & envelopes
50 return labels & Forever USPS stamps
8 social media banners (4 designs, for 2 platforms)
10 Cutout magnets (makes great gifts)



Everything you need to stay top of mind all year round.


100 cards & envelopes
100 return labels & Forever USPS stamps
12 social media banners (4 designs, for 2 platforms)
20 Cutout magnets (makes great gifts)
100 Logo stickers



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Got questions?


How does this work?

Simple! You choose the best package for you, and pay the complete amount upfront. We send you a Google form to discover your preferences (you can fill it out on any device in 5-8 min). Once we have your answers (and logo, colors, etc.) we jump right in and design your package. Once reviewed and approved, we print and ship it to you.

Do I get to review the designs?

Yes. You will receive the first draft of all the designs for review within 2-3 days.

What is in the package?

  • Folding greeting cards printed on premium paper.
  • Premium white envelopes.
  • Return label stickers with your logo and address.
  • Self-sticking Forever USA stamps.
  • Cutout magnet and/or stickers with your logo, tagline and/or website URL.
  • Sturdy white box to keep everything in.

How long will it take to get my toolkit?

From order to delivery, creating a Top of Mind Toolkit takes 2-3 weeks. You'll receive your toolkit in a sturdy box via USPS, with everything you need to stay in touch with your clients and friends.

Do I have to upload anything?

Nope. We do everything for you — we will upload your designs to the printers, approve the print proof, organize the shipping, and anything else that needs doing. You just have to open the box when it gets to you.

Why do I need to pay upfront?

Paying upfront lets us design, produce and deliver your package as fast as possible, so you can start using your cards sooner.

Does this include printing & shipping costs?

Yes, all printing & shipping costs are included in the rate.

How good is the print quality?

We use Moo and StickerMule, two of the best online printers that create outstanding print products.

Cards, round stickers, and return labels are printed by Moo. Their folding greeting cards have a silky, matte finish that feels as great as it looks. Moo's stickers and return labels are beautifully bright and long-lasting.
Magnets and cutout stickers are printed by StickerMule. Their products are crisply printed, perfectly cut and durable enough to stick on your car, water bottle, fridge, helmet, computer and anywhere else.

Do I have to buy stamps or envelopes?

Nope. Your kit includes a USPS Forever stamp and an envelope for each card. So if your kit has 50 cards in it, you will get 50 stamps and 50 envelopes.

When do you need my branding stuff?

You can send us your logo, colors and fonts right after you've paid or filled out the form. We cannot start work until we have your brand assets, so the sooner we get them, the better.

What is the best way to send my stuff to you?

You can email smaller files directly to For larger files, you can send us a link to your Dropbox or Google Drive. If you don't use DB or GD, you can use WeTransfer to send up to 2GB free.

I have pictures I want to use on the cards. Can I send these to you to use?

Yes, absolutely!

To ensure the best printing result, your images need to be high resolution — that means no grainy or fuzzy areas if you view it full screen on a computer. Not sure if your photos make the grade? Send us a couple and we will let you know.

Can I change what goes on the back?

The back of each card has space for an image and three lines of text. We usually add your logo, and business contact details here, but if you want to add something else, like a photo of your dog and a cute (short) message, just let us know.

Can I write something inside the cards?

Yes, but unless you're getting a seasonal package, it may affect the price of your toolkit. Please get in touch with us about options for writing inside cards.

Which social media platforms can I choose for my banners?

Depending on the package you buy, you can choose up to 4 of the following platforms that use banners:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google+

When will I get my social media banners?

Once you've approved the design, we will send you a final version and you can immediately start using your social media banners.

Can I order more if I run out?

Absolutely. We keep all your designs on file so you can easily order more any time. Just send us an email when you need to order more of anything.

Can I customize my order? For example, what if I want more than 10 magnets?

Yes, you can order more of anything in the package — send us an email with the item(s) and how much you want of each, and we'll get back to you with updated printing rates.

What if I don't like it?

You have the opportunity to review everything — cards, banners, stickers, magnets — TWICE before it goes to print. If the design is not spot on you, this is the time to let us know, and give us ideas of what you do like. We'll use your feedback to create something that you absolutely love.