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Squarespace Blogging 101

An essential collection of blogging resources from Squarespace Help.

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Squarespace Basics

Blogging Basics

In this guide, you'll learn how to create and manage a blog using Squarespace. You can add a Blog Page, create a blog post, tag and categorize posts, create a post excerpt, enable comments, push your posts to social media, and more.

Adding blocks

Blocks are literally the building blocks of your Squarespace pages. When editing a page or post, you'll use blocks to create a custom layout of text, images, videos, audio, social content, and more.

Moving blocks

There are different ways you can move blocks around a page to create a custom layout, including wrapping text around images, and creating columns of content.

Working with text

The Text Block is the primary means of adding text to your site. You can use Text Blocks to add headings, quotes, pre-formatted text, links, and lists.



Adding single images

The Image Block adds a single image to a page or blogpost. You can resize and arrange multiple Image Blocks to create unique page layouts. Using this block is a great way to break up text and personalize your site.

Adding a gallery

Gallery Blocks add galleries of images and videos to pages and blog posts. You can upload images, add Getty Images, embed video, or display content from an existing Gallery Page.

Adding videos

The Video Block adds an externally hosted video to your site. This guide uses a YouTube video as an example.

Adding quotes

Use the Quote Block to add styled quotes and testimonials to your site. Most templates have a default style for the Quote Block that you can change in the Style Editor


Blog Settings

Using blog excerpts

Blog excerpts give your readers a taste or a teaser of a full blog post. If you tend to write longer posts, or if your posts are heavy with images or videos, a blog excerpt makes it easier for viewers to scroll through your blog and click posts to read in full by clicking "Read More."

Without an excerpt, your blog post displays in full on your main Blog Page for most templates.

Scheduling Blog Posts

You can schedule blog posts to publish in the future. This is useful if you want to publish a blog post or podcast episode at a specific time, but won't be available to publish it manually.


Blog Comments

Adding a blog comment

Comments are a great way to interact with your visitors and build a community around your site. This guide covers the various ways visitors can comment and participate in discussions.

Managing comments

You can manage comments on your blog posts in the Comments panel. To set rules for blog comments (for example, to require approval before posting), visit Comment Settings.


Blogging with Squarespace FAQs

Why does my text look weird?

If you copy + paste directly into text blocks from programs like MS Word, the styling can be affected.
Always use the clipboard to paste as plain text. Here's how →

Can I edit blog posts after they've been published?

Yes. Access the post in the blog page, and click on edit. Depending on the changes you've made, consider changing the publication date to push it to the top of your blog list.

What can I do about inappropriate or spam comments on my blog?

You can turn on comment approval to approve all comments before publication under Settings > Blogging > Comment Settings > Require Approval. You can also report comments as spam under Comments.