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Manually add 'Read More' to Squarespace blog excerpts


Adding a Read More link to your blog excerpt is a great idea. 

It encourages people to read your posts. It gives you freedom to use different calls to action (Check it out, Find out how, Then what happened?

It also helps to visually separate posts on a blog page in text-based templates that use a wall layout (like Foundry).

Some Squarespace templates allow you to add a Read More link to blog pages and summary blocks in the Style Editor. For those that don't, here's an easy workaround.


Step 1

Add Read More copy to excerpt & style it.

Open blog post Settings and click to Options.

In the Excerpt box at the bottom, type Read More below your post excerpt.

NOTE: You can use whatever call to action you prefer — Check out the post, Get the storyThen what?

To emphasize the link, you can set it to a Heading style, or simply Bold it.

Step 2

Copy the post URL

Copy the blog post URL at the top of the Options page.

Note: You will not be able to select the page name. We'll manually add that in the next step.

Step 3

Create a text link in the post excerpt

Select your Read More link and click on the hyperlink button (🔗) in the Text Editor to create a text link.

Under External, type your blog page name between forward slashes.

For example, /recipes/ or /opinion/

Step 4

Paste post link after blog page name

Paste your post URL after your page name.

Press Return/Enter or click elsewhere on the page to apply the text link.

Save the changes to your blog post Settings.

Step 5

Test the link

Preview & test your hyperlink by browsing to your blog page.

What your Read More link looks like will depend on your text settings. Here's examples of the link set to Normal.

Note: Excerpts only show for published posts. If you don't see your post, return to the settings and click Save & Publish, or Schedule it for publication.



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