Monkey Dog Design


Hello there friends!


Pleased to meet you.

We love our dogs, traveling, ice cream, good music, our families, everyday heroes, building stuff, braai's, our friends, and great design.

We’re Ina, Laura, Wilkes and Molena, the team who makes up Monkey Dog Design. Begun as Ina’s side-project in 2014, MDD grew into what it is today thanks to some seriously awesome clients.

In our free time, you can find us hanging out with our rescue dogs, cooking dinner for our friends, building furniture, bowling, traveling, playing Speedminton, creating art, going on hikes, sitting in the sunshine, and playing video games.  We also write blog posts occasionally. Check them out here.


What is a Monkey Dog?

When Wilkes was a puppy, her favorite toy was a squeaky blue monkey. It was not long before the phrase "Where's your monkey, dog?" became synonymous with joy.

Check out the monkey: