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Designers are a funny bunch.


First, we mostly hate talking about ourselves. (So you can probably imagine that writing this page was about as much fun as going headfirst down an anthill.)

At parties, we’re the fascinating introverts. The people who prefer to stand beside the lamp until someone interesting introduces themselves.

And yes, the same ones who then spend the rest of the night engrossed in conversation.

Because here’s the funny part.

If the right people ask us about the right stuff, it’s hard to make us shut us up.

For example, we love authenticity. And authentic business owners.

So if you'll forgive the diversion, let's talk about Jenna.

She's one of our favorite clients. About as close to 100% authentic as you can get. Which means, in turn, we love her.

She doesn’t try to be authentic. It’s not a marketing strategy. Nobody told her to be “more honest” and nodded in approval as she ticked off the boxes on a checklist.

She just… Is.

Read her blog, watch her webinars, or follow her on Instagram. You can’t help but be struck by how real she is.

Now let's get one thing straight. We don’t pretend to play any part in that authenticity— because, duh, it’s genuine.

But here’s what we’re proud of: We’re over-the-moon happy to be in her orbit, and to help her bring her awesome self to the world.

So—now that we’ve spent the entirety of our About page talking about someone else—we’ll say only this.

If you’re looking for two cracking designers who are really, really good at making you look your best, come on over and introduce yourself.

We’re over here by the fish tank.